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TPN01201 Flanged Immersion Heater

flanged immersion heater
SKU: TPN01201

TPN01201 Flanged Immersion Heater used for OEM water temperature controllers.  This immersion heater is designed for heating process water and has a flange (3.5" wide by 3.5" wide by 1/4" thick) for mounting to the water thermolator.  This heater runs with 480 volts 3 phase power, and it is a 3,500 watt heater.  The immersion length of the heater elements is 17.88" long.  There are three immersion heater elements that are each made with an Incoloy 800 sheath.  Each immersion heater comes with a fiber gasket (COMPARE to W00012917 gasket) and is 3" in diameter.  Other similar flanged immersion heater part numbers for comparison would be W00015855 or TPN01333.


Price: $150.00