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Drum Heater 15 Gallon Insulated PRO Adjusts up to 160°F Temperature BH15-PRO

drum heater with thermostat

The Powerblanket BH15-Pro (UPC 814491010918) Insulated 15 Gallon Drum Heater comes with an Adjustable Digital Thermostat Controller for quick and easy temperature control up to 160°F. This 54" long heater utilizes standard 120 Volt power with 400 watts and 3.33 Amps to safely heat and insulate water, chemicals, oils and food products.

This drum heating blanket allows the user to dial in a specific temperature that turns the heater on and off within +/- 2 deg F of the desired temperature. This PowerBlanket drum heater gives you the most accurate and stable drum heating system in its class.  This is a UL/CSA/ETL certified - U.S.A. drum heater, and as always, your heater experience is dependent upon the process and environmental conditions.  The barrel heater color is black, and the picture is for reference only.

Please note:  online pricing and freight charges are subject to change without further notice due to frequent fuel surcharge fluctuations.

Price: $595.00