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Sylvania Hot Air Heater Serpentine VI 040291--5,000 watts

Sylvania Hot Air Tool 040291
SKU: 040291

The 040291 Osram Sylvania Hot Air tool provides a triple pass exchange housing.  The Serpentine VI heater's triple pass exchange housing uses incoming air to travel (AND COOL) down the outside shell of the heater.  The air then travels through a slot and into air holes, where it rapidly warms as it flows over the heater element and exits out of the heater.  This hot air heater provides a maximum process heat of 1500 degrees F by providing 5,000 watts at 240 volt power and 20.8 max. amps.  The heater is 10.88" long with a 1.25" outside diameter.

The housing for this heater is part number 057088.

Heater life can last up to 5000 hours if the manufacturer's guidelines are followed. Compressed air or air from a regenerative blower can be used to supply CLEAN and DRY air to your heater. Dirt, grease, oil, oil vapors, corrosive gases, and reactive gases will damage the air heater. Compressed air at typically 100 p.s.i. will need to be filtered to eliminate oil from the air supply.

Osram Sylvania Air/Inert Gas heaters should be used to heat air or an inert gas only. Use with explosive gases or in an explosive ambient can result in an explosive event, possibly leading to a serious accident or injury.


Price: $405.00